University Services for Credit Students


Your NetID is a name assigned to you that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your login for many University computing and networking services and also determines your University email address, which is Your NetID must be “claimed” before you can set your NetID password and other passwords.

Photoless UIUC ID Cards

The photoless I-card, your University of Illinois identification card, allows you to borrow material from the UIUC library and the statewide ILCSO member libraries.

Career Services Information

Students may locate information on internships and jobs through many career services offices located on the UIUC campus. Please visit Going Places for more information about careers in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

Writing Assistance

CITL and the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Illinois Library have teamed up to offer online writing assistance to online/off-campus students. This is to assist you with papers, reviews, résumés, etc. More information is available at:

University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Off-Campus/Online Degree and Certificate Program Offerings:

  • Agricultural Education—M.S. (online)
  • Crop Sciences—M.S. (online)
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition—M.S. (site-based with occasional online courses)
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences—M.S. (online)
  • Dairy Science Professional Development Sequence (online)
  • Crop Sciences Professional Development Sequence (online—aligned with the Crop Sciences M.S. program)
  • Horticulture Professional Development Sequence (online—aligned with the NRES M.S. program)